Pin Oak Hill

Pin Oak Hill



6,500 Acres of Hunting Terrain

Pin Oak Hill boasts nearly 6,500 acres of hunting terrain, providing a variety of different hunting experiences ranging from native grass and river bottoms to forest and rolling hills. Free ranging white tail deer, wild turkey, quail and upland birds are thriving on our preserve.  Pin Oak Hill works closely with our local conservation department in order to provide the highest quality of care. Corn, clover and soybean plots are planted throughout the acreage to maintain the wildlife in the area. We also provide excellent habitat coverage for the animals.

Relaxing Hunting Environment

Hunting with us is meant to be a relaxing experience. Hunting on a preserve is quite different than hunting on public lands or in the wild. The level of physical fitness and the hunters ability to be an excellent shot, all play into the success of hunting in the wild. On a preserve, the low to mid-level marksman can have successful day hunting due to the nature of the environment. If you have physical limitations or disabilities, this is an excellent hunting environment for you.

Call today to book your Hunt (660) 745-3030 or contact us for more information.

Trophy-Winning Animals

At Pin Oak Hill, hunters have the opportunity for  hunting deer,  high-quality birds, and turkey. From quail, pheasant, and chukar to other birds and animals, our 6,500 acre preserve is top-notch. Every hunter who visits to Pin Oak Hill has a great opportunity to hunt trophy-winning animals. We offer half day, 1 1/2 day and 2 day hunting packages.

 For hunting deer, high-quality birds, and turkey, call (660) 745-3030.

Airport Pick-up from Kansas City International

Pin Oak Hill offers airport pick-up for those traveling to Missouri for hunting. We have a small local airport nearby in Chillicothe, MO, and we are only 1.5 hours from Kansas City International Airport.

We are always more than happy to assist  our guests with motel reservations. We offer lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner Wednesday through Saturday at The Oaks Bar & Grill.  We can also accommodate groups for hunting and sporting clays.

Give us a call at 660-745-3030 or email us to book your Northern Missouri hunt!

Guided Hunts

We offer guided hunts for our upland bird and turkey hunts. Hunters receive a full-service hunting experience.

Semi-Guided Deer Hunts

Hunting deer at Pin Oak Hill is semi-guided. We supply hunters with a stand, but don’t guide them throughout the hunt.

Guided Upland Bird Hunts

On a guided upland bird hunt, hunters can use our hunting dogs, snacks for a 1/2 day hunt and our service of guiding. We offer Hunting Packages for your convenience.

Guided Turkey Hunts

All turkey hunts at Pin Oak Hill are fully guided. Our hunts are inclusive; food, meals and lodging are all provided. We offer a 3-day minimum hunt or a 4-day hunt.

Please contact us for turkey hunt prices or call (660) 745-3030.

Non-Guided Hunts

Non-guided hunts are open to those who choose to upland bird hunt at Pin Oak Hill. Hunters supply their own bird dog and snacks.



Pin Oak Hill offers a great place to shoot. Whether you’re looking for a place to practice your skills before the big hunt or a location to enjoy sports shooting activities, look no further. Located in the rolling hills of northern Missouri, we offer targets for all shooting enthusiasts. If you’re a pro shooter and looking for a course to practice, we’ve got a great spot for you. We also have traps that are designed with the novice shooter in mind. We strive to provide the best possible shooting experience for all. Our fully automated traps allow us to create challenging courses with consistent targets. We even have a 52-foot tower available for shooters who’d like to practice the dove shots. Whether you’re looking for a fun Saturday afternoon excursion with a friend, or a large group activity for your corporate function, our shooting ranges at Pin Oak Hill are a great destination.

Shooting hours:

  • Wednesday-Friday 4:00pm – Dark.
  • Saturday 11:00am – Dark.
  • Sunday 11:00am-3:00pm.
  • Also by appointment, call (660)745-3030.

Call Pin Oak Hill at (660) 745-3030 to place your shooting club reservation, or email us!

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